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Directional Drilling has seemed to be the most preferred method for pipeline construction as of late. Directional Drilling can be installed without any disturbance to natural habitats. Directional Drilling has the least environmental impact of any method of construction. By Directional Drilling you are able to be a great deal of depth below the obstacle, providing minimal maintenance cost and up keeping maximum protection.

Installations of pipelines, whether it be gas/water/sewer, have drilled under rivers, waterways, highways, railroads, interstates, airport runways, lakes, ponds, congested city areas, water canals/corridors and mountains.

Ursa Major
Who We Work With


  • Precision Pipeline, LLC
  • JMF Underground, Inc.
  • CBC Pipeline, LLC
  • CECO Pipeline Services
  • Willbros Construction, LLC
  • Michels Pipeline
  • Schmid Pipeline Construction Co.

Gas & Oil Companies

  • Enbridge, Inc.
  • Mark West Energy
  • Antero Resources
  • Access Midstream
  • Summit Natural Gas
  • Williams Energy
  • Dominion
  • UGI Utilities Inc.
  • EQT Corporation

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